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A mix of traditional and modern Korean ethnic cuisine

While we stay true to the traditional recipes and the relaxed atmosphere, our restaurant also aspires to constantly add fusion-style.

Sik Gaek restaurant is just like life: a working mix of old and new approaches, but in culinary business.”


[EATER] Wriggling ‘Live’ Octopus Fights Back as You Eat It

One of the most shocking and perhaps controversial dishes in Korean cuisine is live octopus, or san-nakji. The dish is popular in Korea, especially in coastal towns and cities where octopus doesn’t have to take a long trip from the ocean to the plate, and Korean seafood markets often display live fish and shellfish so diners know just how fresh their ingredients are. In New York City, K-Town host Matthew Kang joins colleague and Eater NY reporter Stefanie Tuder at Sik Gaek, one of the few restaurants in town that specializes in live octopus.
Sik Gaek is unique in that it totally embraces live Korean seafood, even going so far as to add still-squirming lobster to its massive seafood hot pots. There’s a tank in front of the restaurant that showcases the small octopus swimming around before they’re prepared in the kitchen. While some diners might get a little uncomfortable at the sight of live seafood moving around on the plate or in the pot, Sik Gaek just wants to prove to their diners how fresh their product really is — just like they do in Korea.

What people are saying about our restaurant

Anyone, who visits our place leaves us well fed and in a great mood!

When you walk in, the seafood smell will hit you in the face. That’s when you know it’s good. The environment is great! Super friendly staff.
We ordered the spicy seafood hot pot and oh boy, was it seafood heaven! Not extremely spicy & broth wasn’t amazing but it was good. I enjoyed all the seafood that was in this hot pot. Will def come back to try other items!

Max Bond
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A great place for birthday celebration. No reservation today, surprised it was not busy tonight. The waiter was attentive and professional. The food was fresh and delicious. The commute was also very convenient. Love the Korean songs they put on, not too loud, just right so that we could still hear the talkings.

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It is a serious trek from the 7 train, but it’s worth it. Super fun, super delicious. We had the live octopus, which arrives at your table squirming, and it was excellent. Then grilled pork, kimchi, pickled peppers, onions, mushrooms, so good. Could’ve stayed there all night, no joke. The kids loved it. And we were downing Jinro like there’s no tomorrow. Will go back.

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49-11 Roosevelt Ave, Woodside, NY 11377
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